What is the process to submit a group of applications?

Create Group Contact PersonTo submit a group of applications, select "Group of Applications" under Apply. You will be asked to create a Group Contact Person. When applying for ESTA authorizations for a group of travelers, the following information is required of the applicant, who in this case, is the Group Contact Person:
  • Family name
  • First (Given) name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
Manage Group of ApplicationsThe Group Contact Person will have the option to “Add New Application” (to begin the process for a new applicant) or “Add Unpaid Application” (to add an existing unpaid applicant to your group).Make PaymentWhen two or more applications are submitted as a group, the group may be paid for any time within 7 days of creating the group. After 7 days, you will be unable to access the applications and Group ID, and the Group Contact Person will have to resubmit them.Check StatusThe Group Contact Person will also have the option to check the status on all applications within a group. If there is a "Pending" response for any application in a group, it will not delay the processing of the remaining applications. Also, the payment receipt will not indicate the total fee amount until all applications return a status of approved or not authorized.

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